Preserving the past to save the future.

Centerville Mills, currently owned and operated by Bainbridge Township, is a classic YMCA camp first sold back in 2003 when the YMCA of Greater Cleveland's former CEO wished to end the camping program.

The objectives of the Centerville Mills Project (CVMP) are as follows:

  • Provide operating support for the facilities without taxpayer dollars.
  • Work with Bainbridge to preserve the facilities and grounds
  • Provide a learning environment & encourage people to visit their parks

Mission Statement of CVMP

The mission of the Centerville Mills Project is to preserve and protect the memories of yesterday and the dreams of tomorrow so that today's kids can learn the leadership skills and the principals of living. We choose to use the power of friendship and goodwill to conquer challenges and fulfill dreams. We promise to do everything in our power to improve the standard of all things.We give our oath to improve the self-reliance of each individual that walks through our gates. Upon leaving our camp no one will be the same person as when they arrived, with new heights reached and new dreams to explore, thus creating a much greater future for all to come. After all, tomorrow is only a day away.


Goals of the Centerville Mills Project

  • Retain Bainbridge Township as the sole owner of the CVM property
  • CMA sponsored programs including volunteers to help keep the property in great shape