Our Project

The Centerville Mills Project is the key for the success of Centerville Mills, the former YMCA camp located in Bainbridge Township which is currently in the process of becoming a passive park. Help us save the camping past time and the educational learning environment!

What We Do

We are currently in the process of trying to save the former YMCA camp, Centerville Mills. Bainbridge Township would like to turn it into a park because the resources and funding aren't available for them to operate it as a camp. We're here to try and take over operations and operate it as a camp facility once again providing all sorts of camping programs.

How We Will Do It

The only possible hopes of operating the facilities is with the support of the Auburn, Bainbridge, and Aurora communities as well as support from other organizations and associations.

Because Camping is Important!

Who has been to summer camp as a kid? Probably our greatest memories and learning experiences have had to be at camp. You make new friends, learn new skills, challenge yourself to find skills you never knew you had. Bring the camping experience back to Bainbridge!