Volunteer your time

Operating at our strongest requires hard working and dedicated group of volunteers. Our volunteer force is our most expensive and valuable asset and we want the best. Do you have extra "free time" or want to do some good in the community? We encurage you to apply to become a volunteer for the CMAG and help make Centerville Mills a wonderful facility!

When we say that our volunteers are our most valuable and expensive asset which we pride ourselves in, we mean it. According to the Independent Sector, volunteer time is worth approx. $23.56/hour.

Volunteer Requirements:

  • Must be able to dedicate at least 10 hours a month
  • Hard working & dedicated
  • Able to work in groups as well as individually
  • Groups are welcome such as Boy Socouts, Girl Scouts, and other organization (use Group Application to apply)
  • Minimum age requirement: 18 (Minors are welcome but require a Permission Form on file)

Volunteer Forms:

All volunteers are required to fill out an application (Groups need to fill out a Group Application) as well as a Volunteer Information Form. All minors, including those participating in groups, are required to fill out a Permission Form that must be complteted by a legal guardian to be kept on file. We will contact people we are interested in having as volunteers and conduct a phone interview. Please note: some positions require background checks and in some cases having criminal records may require termination from the CMAG. In order to download these forms, you will need the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader, available free.

  • Individual Volunteer Application
  • Group Application
  • Legal Guardian Permission Form (required for anyone under the age of 18, including groups. 1 form per minor)
  • Volunteer Time Log (Volunteers: You must send in this form MONTHLY for your hours to be counted!)
  • Decimal Time Conversion (Time Logs are required to be in Decimal Time. This chart will help you convert.)